SBCO co-founder Dorothy Steffano “…through their service, SBCO members and volunteers could enrich their own lives.”

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Kids’ Closet (Mon, Thurs, Sat)
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Scholarship Endowment Program
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Teen Closet shopping (one day
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Kids’ Closet Volunteers Needed

 Administrative Assistant:  Update all forms and job descriptions as directed by the Directors.  Responsible for name tags and label printing as well as the ordering of inventory sheets.

Contract/Maintenance Liaison:  Responsible for scheduling all inspections with Kids’ Closet contract personnel.  Responsible for purchasing all office supplies, kitchen supplies and cleaning supplies.

Toiletry Manager:   Responsible for the assembly of toiletry kits on a bi-annual basis at Kids’ Closet.

Vice-President/ Co-Director Kids’ Closet:  Responsible for the day to day operations of Kids’ Closet.  Oversees all volunteers that hold positions within the organization.

System Administrator/Co-Inventory Manager:  Contact person with our vendor that hosts our POS system.  Responsible for coordinating inventory on an annual basis.  Must be proficient in computer skills.


2021-2022 Volunteers of the Year

Ann Van Sickel, Marv & Bonnie Richter

Ann Van Sickel, who became a SBCO volunteer in 2012, gets 2022 Volunteer of the Year award

Ann Van Sickel, along with Marv and Bonnie Richter, were named volunteers of the year.

Ann became a volunteer in 2012. She has worked as a Kids’ Closet dresser helping children select and try on clothing, as an inventory re-stocker ensuring that students have many items from which to choose and as a merchandise receiver processing clothing prior to delivery at the Kids’ Closet facility in Mammoth. As a result of wearing “many hats” Ann has been involved in most of the steps Kids’ Closet uses to distribute clothes to local students in need and has found her volunteer work to be very rewarding.

 Seven years ago, Marv Richter joined the SBCO scholarship committee which then had only eight members to receive and review scholarship applications, interview applicants, help select scholarship recipients and stay in contact with students through their college years. He stepped in to help with this essential but labor-intensive work. Today Marv serves as the liaison for Central Arizona College students. He says, “Working with these students, ensuring they receive all the money awarded to them, and being their advocate when problems or issues arise, has been very rewarding.”

SaddleBrooke Ranch residents, Marv and Bonnie Richter, receive SBCO 2022 Volunteer of the Year Award

Bonnie Richter started volunteering with SBCO with the Teens Sew Cool and Teen Closet programs. She then joined Marv on the scholarship committee. Bonnie works with students from Globe and Superior. She says, “Interviewing scholarship students is so awesome. Hearing them discuss their hopes for the future and knowing that we can help them achieve their goals makes me proud to be a small part of this great organization. Helping high school students attend college can make a big difference in their lives.”





2021-2022 Supporter of the Year

Realty Executive – Make Your Move Matter Team

SBCO President Denise Anthony received a check for $11,298 from the Make Your Move Matter team (L to R) Jo Parsons, Beth Fedor, and Lynn Dent. This realty team was honored as the SBCO supporter of the year.

Realtor Beth Fedor and her partners at Realty Executive Arizona Territory’s Make Your Move Matter Team, Realtor Lynn Dent, and Real Estate Concierge Jo Parsons, include SBCO in a list of local non-profit charities that their clients may select for the team’s community give-back program.

SBCO President Denise Anthony presents award to Jo Parsons and Lynn Dent

When clients buy or sell a home with Make Your Move Matter, 10 percent of the realtor’s commission goes directly to the charity of the client’s choosing. “We were delighted that such a deserving charity as SBCO received a lion’s share of the nearly $60,000 we were able to give back in 2021″, said realtor Beth Fedor, “It’s especially gratifying to see that a number of our clients have also become SBCO volunteers. Lynn, Jo and I have always been involved in charity work and we know first-hand how much this organization uplifts the children and families of the Copper Corridor. We look forward to supporting SBCO in the coming years and encourage others to support these precious kids.”

The agency has also been a financial supporter for the SBCO walkathon and Beth also has co-chaired the annual SBCO home tour and walkathon, and along with Jo, regularly volunteers in the SBCO office.



SBCO Lifetime Achievement Award

Marcia Van Ommeran

Marcia Van Ommeran was given the Lifetime Achievement Award in honor of her 20 years of service to SBCO.

Outgoing SBCO President Steve Groth presents Lifetime Achievement Award to Marcia Van Ommeran – 2021

Marcia has enthusiastically served on the SBCO Board of Directors, chaired the Angel Program (which became the Make a Difference Program), served as Recording Secretary, created and sold tribute cards, and delivered Source Books to local doorsteps. In addition, she has supported SBCO’s Walkathon, Home Tour and Food Drive special events.

Marcia has also volunteered for Teen Closet and worked as a receptionist at the SBCO office. In support of SBCO’s educational activities Marcia has been a scholarship recipient mentor and a tutor for local students

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