Teen Closet 2022

Volunteers Needed For July/August

Teen Closet Shopping Event

We need 35 volunteers to provide a one-on-one shopping experience with a Teenager.

Each volunteer will accompany a student as he/she shops at Target and Ross stores in Oro Valley. You will offer your assistance to help the teenager stay on budget as he/she purchases new school appropriate clothes and supplies. We are asking for a two-hour commitment, 5-7pm, for any of the following dates:

Shopping dates are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, July 25-28 and Monday, August 1.

You can volunteer for one or more nights. We need both male and female Volunteers.

Questions? Email Vivian at sbco.teen.closet@community-outreach.org or call 520-825-3302.


Teen Closet Shopping, A Fashion Success

This year 37 volunteers helped 63 teenagers spend $200 each on new clothes. The wise counsel and experience of the volunteers helped the teens make smart shopping decisions.

The shopping trips were held
at the Rooney Ranch Shopping Center
in Oro Valley.

This was a very rewarding experience for both students and volunteers.


Become part of a proud tradition than makes a real difference in the community   sbco.info@community-outreach.org