SBCO Scholarship: Tips for a Successful Interview

What Candidates Can Do to Have the Best Possible Scholarship Interview

 The purpose of the interview is to differentiate students solely on the basis of their interpersonal skills.

Prepare for the Interview

Dress for the Interview
Arrive on time
Put away the cell phone
Do not chew gum

At the Interview

Take a deep breath
Sit up straight
If you shake hands, use a firm handshake
Make eye contact with the interviewers
Speak so that you can be heard
Try to appear confident
Be aware of the impression your body language may convey

During the Interview

Try to stay focused
Listen carefully
Speak so that you can be heard
Answer the questions that are asked
Answer questions honestly
Answer questions with complete sentences
Provide clear and direct responses
Show energy and enthusiasm
Show courtesy and respect
Avoid responding with yes or no answers

Thank the Interviewers

There are many YouTube videos on “How to be Interviewed.” While most speak to the interviewing process when applying for a job, the concepts may be equally applicable to scholarship interviews. Spend some time looking at what YouTube University has to offer.