SaddleBrooke residents have banded together to support recycling used products, either through Waste Management pickups and donating to the Golden Goose Thrift Shop.

There is one more recycling effort that benefits “our kids” affiliated with SaddleBrooke Community Outreach, and that is the specific recycling of aluminum cans.

When SBCO was in its infancy in 1997 we began to collect aluminum cans.  Unit people would receive the cans at their homes, deliver them to a volunteer’s house, and a recycling company would come out to collect them.

SaddleBrooke began to grow and someone’s front patio was not the ideal spot to store mountains of black garbage bags.  Tucson Aluminum Recycling stepped in and provided a dumpster, and it is still in operation at the PickleBall parking lot off of Ridgeview Blvd.  You will see it on the left of front parking lot, with a sign on it.

Since the inception of the program SBCO has received over $45,000 from this recycling effort.  For years we have been able to provide a seasonal school wardrobe consisting of 3 outfits at an average cost of under $75.  That is 600 wardrobes that have helped 600 youngsters attend school on a regular basis!

Find a spot in your garage to deposit aluminum drinking cans.  Take them to the dumpster at your convenience (there is a small step up to the dumpster) and help a youngster go to school.

Don’t forget that we collect the pop-tops from those cans.  There is a collection jar for them in Suite L in the minit-mart shopping area.  Those tops are then picked up by a SaddleBrooke resident for delivery to the Ronald McDonald House.

Explore the rest of our website for more information about SBCO.  You may some area that interests you, and you may become part of the village that raises “our kids.”