SBCO People

Melanie Stout

SBCO Liaison to the Golden Goose Board of Directors

By Nancy McCluskey-Moore 

Melanie Stout, who for many years served as Co-chair for SBCO Kids’ Closet, has joined the Golden Goose Thrift Store Board of Directors.

Melanie Stout is the new SBCO member representative on the Golden Goose Thrift Store Board of Directors

In her new role as SaddleBrooke Community Outreach member representative, she will serve as a liaison between the SBCO Board of Directors and the Golden Goose Board. She will provide monthly reports to the Golden Goose Board describing current SBCO activities and programs. These reports explain how SBCO is using the funds allocated by the Golden Goose Board and how local children benefit. She will also report to the SBCO Board on Golden Goose Board decisions and provide current information about store operations.

Revenues from the Golden Goose Thrift Store are used to support the work of two local nonprofits: SaddleBrooke Community Outreach and Impact of Southern Arizona. To ensure the needs of both groups are met, there are five Directors and a member representative from each organization serving on the Golden Goose Board of Directors. Board members are elected annually. Part of Melanie’s new position will be ensuring that all SBCO positions on the Golden Goose Board are filled when vacancies occur.

The four executive officers on the Golden Goose Board, consisting of President, Executive Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary are spit between the two groups and alternated between the two nonprofits every two years. The board is responsible for creating and passing a budget, reviewing store performance, planning and approving any capital expenditures, and hiring the executive director who manages daily store operations.

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