Kids’ Closet 2021 Update

By Nancy McCluskey-Moore 

Due to Covid restrictions, students from Catalina to Miami couldn’t come to Kids’ Closet in Mammoth to select their new spring wardrobes. Thanks to the hard work of Kids’ Closet volunteers, along with the cooperation of parents, teachers and school administrators, the clothing was delivered to the kids!

Counsellors provided teachers with those students who qualified, based on economic need, to receive clothing from Kids’ Closet. Requests for clothing and shoe sizes were sent to parents. The information received by the teachers was then submitted to Kids’ Closet volunteers.

Volunteers, wearing masks and maintaining social distance, selected the clothing and shoes for each child, scanned the bar codes of the items chosen (for inventory control) and packed each child’s wardrobe into large plastic bags labeled with the child’s name, grade and school. Each child also was given two grade-appropriate books and toiletries. While the process was labor intensive, Kids’ Closet was able to provide 580 students with new wardrobes for the spring season. Although this is far less than the 1,300+ students normally served in the spring, at least these children had their clothing needs met.

Inventory at the Kids’ Closet will be conducted on April 7th and hopes are high for returning to normal operations in the fall.


Kids’ Closet 2020


The first student day in 2020 at Kids’ Closet was Thursday, January 23. The school buses from San Manuel brought 75 kids, who were almost as excited as the SBCO volunteers who were there, ready and waiting, to guide them through their shopping steps. The photos marked SAN MANUEL are from that day.

Overheard…”I want to wear my new shoes because the ones I came in with are my brother’s”

On February 6, school buses came down from the town of Superior and from the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation, the photos in the SUPERIOR/SCAIR slideshow are from that day.

On Monday, February 24, school buses brought 80 kids over 60 miles south, from the town of Miami in Gila County, to the Kids’ Closet. The MIAMI/BEJARANO slideshow below has photos from that day.

Every student day at Kids’ Closet is filled with miles of smiles.

This semester, because of the COVID-19 virus and school closings, the last day of Kids’ Closet was Thursday, March 12.

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2020 Kids’ Closet Photographs – MIAMI/BEJARANO

2020 Kids’ Closet Photographs – SAN MANUEL – Part One

NOTE: The slideshows may each be paused by clicking on the hidden pause button located near the top middle of the current photo, click on the same button to restart. This allows you to enjoy a single slideshow without the distraction of constantly changing photos in other slide shows.

2020 Kids’ Closet Photographs – SAN MANUEL – Part Two

2020 Kids’ Closet Photographs – SUPERIOR/SCAIR

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