We are SaddleBrooke and SaddleBrooke Ranch…Giving Back! Please JOIN us!

Mem­ber­ship Form (Click to open and print), or fill in the form on-line at the bottom of this web page.


Mem­bers make all this pos­si­ble by shar­ing tal­ents to sup­port the pro­grams and/or by making monetary donations. 100% of our fundrais­ing efforts go to kids pro­grams. To qual­ify for grants, which help pay for many of the kids pro­grams, we need to show that a sig­nif­i­cant num­ber of Sad­dle­Brooke com­mu­ni­ties res­i­dents are mem­bers of Com­mu­nity Outreach.

Our goal for this year’s grant sub­mit­tals is to show that we have at least 400 mem­bers. A big goal — yes. But we all know how to eat an ele­phant! So this year’s NEW MEMBER GOAL is 133 car­ing individuals.

Won’t you please join us? Each mem­ber can vol­un­teer as lit­tle as one hour at a time or you can vol­un­teer for numer­ous efforts, if you so desire.

Appli­ca­tion for Mem­ber­ship is avail­able by click­ing on a link above, at our office in the Sad­dle­Brooke Plaza, Suite L, or call Ken at 818‑0425 and he’ll mail you a membership form.

This is how Sad­dle­Brooke Com­mu­nity Out­reach Works:

Pro­gram Costs:

  • Kids’ Closet pro­vid­ing 2800 wardrobes.
  • College Scholarships
  • Math & Read­ing Tutoring
  • Food Bank Assistance
  • Christ­mas Adopt-A-Family
  • Hol­i­day Food Baskets
  • Teen Closet
  • Educational Enrichment Programs

Admin­is­tra­tive Costs:

  • Insur­ance
  • Office Sup­plies
  • Account­ing
  • Print­ing

Vol­un­teer Hours – 22,700 hours

      • Kids’ Closet
      • Tutor­ing
      • Food Dri­ves
      • Adopt-A-Family
      • Food Bas­kets
      • Teen Shop­ping
      • Fundrais­ing
      • Grant Writ­ing
      • Office Work
      • Admin­is­tra­tion