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SBCO Enrichment Programs

SBCO provides grants to support enrichment programs sponsored by local public school districts and community organizations.

Contact us directly at sbco.enrichment@community-outreach.org


Please click here for a list of SBCO supported enrichment programs for 2019-2020.


Miami’s Math and Masters (M&M) Program

Do you recall memorizing the multiplication tables while in grade school? Kevin Hull, principal of Lee Kornegay Intermediate School in Miami, AZ, knows this knowledge is vital to future success in mathematics. And he should know. Prior to becoming the principal of this third- through fifth-grade school, Hull spent most of his career in education teaching junior and senior high school mathematics. He says, “The number one cause of failure to advance in math studies is a lack of computational skills. Learning long division in fifth grade is challenging. There are several steps to be completed. If you do not automatically know the multiplication tables, you get stalled trying to complete the first step in the process.”

Math Masters from Lee Kornegay Intermediate School and their teacher proudly wear their well-earned “M&M” t-shirt.


To encourage students in his school to master the multiplication tables, Hull created the “Math Masters” (AKA “The M&Ms”) program. A grant from SaddleBrooke Community Outreach helps fund the program. Students who can recite the tables receive a black t-shirt emblazoned with green M&Ms. According to Hull, “We make a big deal of their success.” Their achievement is recognized with an announcement and special presentation of the t-shirt. Hull will also go into class rooms at random and present a pack of M&M candies to those students who are “Math Masters.” The desire to receive a t-shirt and candy, along with the pride of being recognized as an “M&M” has proven to be a strong incentive for the students.

Hull notes that the program has produced significant results. “In the first semester of this school year, from August through December, our students’ math test scores schoolwide showed slightly under (.93) a full year of growth in just five months. The teachers love the program.” This approach – incentivizing students to acquire skills through a combination of rewards and competition – has proven so successful with mathematics that teachers at Lee Kornegay Intermediate School are looking at ways to adapt it to teaching reading skills.


Copper Corridor Libraries Boosted

For many children, summer is a chance to read something other than textbooks. Whether its fantasy, science, mystery, history, adventure or biography, reading can transport a youngster into another time or place. But many families in the Copper Corridor area served by SaddleBrooke Community Outreach (SBCO), can’t afford to buy books. And long hot summers mean kids can quickly become bored. SBCO has offered grants to enhance the children’s collection at the libraries in all the Copper Corridor towns with local libraries – from Oracle north to Globe. Two libraries have seized the opportunity and run with it.

Hayden Public Library

At the Hayden Public Library, Megan Ruiz from Mad Science shows Angelito Gaona how dry ice mixed with hot water can create enough pressure to pop the top off a beaker.

Hayden Public Library was awarded a grant for its summer program. The grant funds are being used to purchase books, computer and board games, two pair of virtual reality goggles for computer games, supplies for a wide variety of craft classes, regular nutritional cooking classes and two guest science lectures. One lecture, called “Fire and Ice” was presented by Mad Science and featured nitrogen coated “flash” paper and
various experiments involving dry ice. Another lecture, presented by the Arizona Science Center, featured stomp rockets which were made from one-liter bottles that take flight due to pressurized air.

Hayen Public Librarians created a nature walk scavenger hunt that encouraged kids to explore their environment using the tools provided in a backpack.

Hayen Public Librarians created a nature walk scavenger hunt that encouraged kids to explore their environment using the tools provided in a backpack. Armed with a checklist, magnifying glass, and binoculars, the kids participated in a nature scavenger hunt.

Miami Memorial Library

Miami Memorial Library requested and received a grant to purchase books and supplies for its weekly summer reading program themed “All Together Now.” These purchases include books for each child and healthy snacks for every activity. On Tuesday mornings, the library hosts Yoga with Sammi for the teens and adults, while on Wednesday afternoon, there are activities for the elementary school age kids, followed by an activity for teens and adults. Babies to five-year-old children attend Music and Movement on Thursday mornings and Friday mornings are set aside for a more traditional story time.

The entrance of Miami Memorial Library is whimsically painted to resemble the personal library of a “Jack and the Beanstalk” sized giant and his family.



Enrichment Summer Camp, Music & Art Classes

Triangle Y Summer Camp

Among their outdoor adventures, Triangle YMCA Ranch campers are able to go horseback

Did your childhood include visits to summer camp? For many of us, these trips into the “wilderness” provided opportunities to try new activities and experience life away from home. Triangle YMCA Ranch Camp in Oracle offers local kids a week filled with archery, horseback riding, zip lining, swimming, and crafts. It’s a chance to challenge themselves, build self-esteem and create meaningful relationships. But for many children, especially those from low-income families, camp is nothing more than a dream. SaddleBrooke Community Outreach (SBCO) awarded a $7,500 grant to provide scholarships for 10 kids to attend the Triangle YMCA Ranch Camp this summer. These children too will be able go hiking, sing camp songs, perform skits, eat s’mores and of course, gain the self-confidence that comes from trying new things.

Mammoth Swim Program

Knowing how to swim can be lifesaving, as well as an enjoyable form of exercise. Kids living in rural Arizona don’t have many opportunities to become proficient swimmers. Fortunately, SBCO was able to grant $3,000 to support the swim program in Mammoth that provides lessons to local kids.


SBCO Enrichment Programs also help fund school art and music classes. Below, we bought new ukuleles and stands, replacing 30 year old stand racks! 


A cooking class perfecting the art of DEEP FRIED OREOS.



Applying for a Grant.

Community organizations or schools wishing to apply for a SBCO Enrichment Program grant should take the following steps.

The enrichment application form, evaluation form and supporting information can be emailed to us at sbco.enrichment@community-outreach.org or a hard copy can be mailed to the SBCO office at the address shown below.

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