Teen Closet


What teenager would not jump at a chance to shop for clothes?

Using shopping as a motivator to keep teenagers focused on schoolwork, and mindful of how they can make a difference in their community, SBCO Teen Closet was begun as an outgrowth of Kids’ Closet.

An early concept for Teen Closet was to give students the opportunity to attend high school with contemporary, new clothing and an increase in self-respect.

Teen Closet serves students in grades 9-12 who reside in SBCO service area. At present those districts represented are: Oracle, Mammoth-San Manuel, Hayden Winkelman, Ray and Superior school districts. During each school semester the Teens work toward a shopping trip to local shops.

Initially participants are nominated by their 8th grade principal or counselor for a shopping trip at their beginning of the 9th grade. Students are selected based on their economic need, and their perceived ability to complete the requirements during the next semester. Those requirements include:

     + Residence in the above-mentioned districts
     + Attendance without excessive absences
     + Maintenance of a C or better average grade
     + Completion of 6 hours of Community Service

Shopping trips are held both in July, at the beginning of the Fall semester, and then again in January, at the beginning of the Spring semester. New and continuing students are invited to meet with a SBCO Volunteer, their “Personal Shopper” at the local Target in Oro Valley.

The student is given a budget with which he or she can purchase school appropriate clothing and school supplies at both the Target and at the Ross stores.  The Volunteer’s role is to encourage the student to make wise choices and stay within their budget.

A Teen Closet participant can shop for their entire 4 years of high school, provided they have met the requirements for each semester.  

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Teen Closet has been awarding gift cards for Target and Ross to eligible students, in lieu of personal shopping.

To volunteer as a Personal Shopper, contact us at  sbco.teen.closet@community-outreach.org

Since 2007, we have given 721 sets of school-appropriate clothing to area teens. 

Providing Opportunities for Kids to Succeed