Back to School 2022 with SBCO’s Teen Closet

By Vivian Enrico

SaddleBrooke Community Outreach’s Teen Closet held its semi-annual shopping trip at the Target and Ross stores in Oro Valley. Teen Closet, which started as an offshoot of Kids’ Closet in 2003, helps students in grades nine through twelve look their best as they do their best in school. Students entering 9th grade are identified by their schools as those who would benefit from the program based on family need. To continue in Teen Closet, each student must attend school regularly, attain a passing GPA, and perform six hours of community service each semester.

In July, 86 students from six high schools in the SBCO service area were met by a volunteer who served as the student’s personal shopper. Students shopped at Target and Ross Dress for Less for school-appropriate clothing and supplies. Each student was allotted $250.00 to purchase clothes, shoes, pens, pencils, notebooks, etc. Prior to their arrival, each student was given a suggested inventory list to help them make good choices. Each adult volunteer was made aware of school dress codes to guide the students as they sifted through clothing options at both stores. In all, the students’ made wise choices, with some students purchasing expensive scientific calculators or computers with their money in addition to – or instead of – clothing.

To accommodate all 86 students, shopping began on Monday, July 25 and continued through Thursday July 28th  and then again on Monday August 1st. On Saturday, July 30th volunteers met the students who graduated in May but who were still eligible to shop. It was typical to see these students buy things they would need for their dorm rooms, or for their apartments if they were living off campus, in addition to clothing 

The directors of Teen Closet are so proud of our students and deeply indebted to our 50+ volunteer personal shoppers. If you would like to participate in this heartwarming and important endeavor, we will be holding our next event at the end of January 2023.

To have your name added in our volunteer list, send email to: