SBCO co-founder Dorothy Steffano“…through their service, SBCO members and volunteers could enrich their own lives.”

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2020-2021 Volunteers of the Year







Pat and Jim Schlote

Pat began working as a warehouse re-stocker at the Kids’ Closet after she and Jim relocated to SaddleBrooke from Colorado in 2011. In 2016 Jim started working for Kids’ Closet, transporting clothing from SaddleBrooke to the warehouse in Mammoth.

Pat’s involvement with Kids’ Closet has continued with her serving as co-manager of the Kids’ Closet warehouse for the past eight years. The Kids’ Closet project to migrate to a point of sale (POS) system was an ideal fit for Jim, who had spent 15 years in various global IT management roles, and for Pat in her role as co-manager of Kids’ Closet. The POS system has streamlined Kids’ Closet operations, making the volunteer experience significantly better for everyone on the leadership team.

Pat and Jim agree that volunteering has given them a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Jim noted, “It’s great to feel that your skills are needed and wanted. An unpaid job can be very rewarding!” Pat stressed that there is joy in helping children and their families. “There is such a great need. It’s very humbling. One little boy was so delighted to have underwear that he jumped up and down with glee.”

Both say that volunteering has been a great way to make a lot of new friends, gain skills and become part of a hard-working team dedicated to helping children.

Judy Falewicz

Judy has been an SBCO member for 11 years, serving as a bookkeeper for 4 years.  Her responsibilities include classifying and recording all donations, creating receipts for all donors and preparing deposits for the bank.  Her job is especially time consuming when SBCO is running fundraisers like the Make A Difference Campaign, Walkathon and Home Tour, as well as during the Food Drive and Adopt-a-Family/Child programs. 

Judy’s accuracy, work ethic, conscientiousness and dependability make her a valuable asset for SBCO.

2020-2021 Receptionist of the Year

Buzz Hackett

Gordon “Buzz” Hackett clearly enjoys performing community service. Buzz had a 20-year career with the US Park Police in Washington, D.C. and served as a safety and security officer with Merck Pharmaceuticals.

Pat Andrea, the SBCO office manager states “Buzz does his job with a smile, a great attitude, a hug and is knowledgeable about everything happening at the office. If he can’t answer a question, he works to find someone who can.”

Buzz says “Helping the kids is most gratifying since they cannot help themselves. I am proud of SBCO’s programs, but I’m also impressed by the generosity of SaddleBrooke and SaddleBrooke Ranch residents who give their time and money to support SBCO. You meet the nicest people through SBCO. And volunteering makes me feel younger.”

Every organization should be so fortunate as to recruit volunteers like Buzz Hackett.

2019-2020 Supporter of the Year


Robson Resort Communities

Tim Fudge

Robson Resort Communities was recognized as the Supporter of the Year for its long-time commitment to SBCO, which includes providing SBCO office space (Suite L) in the Minit Market Plaza for a token $12 per year.

Robson’s Director of Facilities, Tim Fudge, received the award on behalf of Robson Resort Communities.

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