…through their service, SBCO members and volunteers could enrich their own lives.
SBCO co-founder Dorothy Steffano

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Suite L Receptionists
Pat Andrea  904-4832
Susan Williams 713-822-6164

Kids’ Closet (Mon, Thurs, Sat)
Melanie Stout  825-1665
Jan Olsson  825-7283

Math/Reading tutors (all levels)
Steve Groth  333-4262

Scholarship Endowment Program
Ron Andrea  520-904-4831

Golden Goose Thrift Shop
Ann Coziahr  825-5651

Enrichment Grants & Scholarships
Denise Anthony  585-314-5356
Jim Weeks  818-0613


Teen Closet shopping (one day
in January, one day in July)
Mimi Sander  825-4557

Food Drive (3/21/2020)
Andrea Stephens  818-9306
Lori Ward  603-320-2527

Home Tour (4/4/2020)
Trish Parker 825-2319
Beth Fedor 271-3642

2019-2020 Volunteer of the Year

Mimi Sander

Mimi Sander was honored as Volunteer of the Year for giving generously of her time and talents to make the Teen Closet successful. 

Through her efforts over the past 10 years the number of schools involved has doubled and the number of students has increased by a factor of ten. This program has grown considerably in recent years, and will continue to expand in 2020. There were 82 teens shopping in the past fiscal year, and this year even more teens in Superior, Ray, and Winkleman will be shopping.

2019-2020 Supporter of the Year


Tim Fudge

Robson Resort Communities was recognized as the Supporter of the Year for its long-time commitment to SBCO, including providing office space in the Minit Market Plaza for a token $12 per year.

Steve Groth, president of the SBCO Board of Directors, presented the award to Tim Fudge, Robson’s Director of Facilities.